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Illustrations by Fortuné Méaulle for Alphabet des Insectes by Leon Becker 

(France, 1883)

The scans come from the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

A previously-covered Cotsen exhibit says about the book:

Insects stand in for people in this highly fanciful French alphabet. In addition to weight-lifting or parading down the boulevard, they file into church, ice skate, duel, dance, sail, paint, serenade a lover or invite her to dance, and, of course, improve their minds reading.

Hetzel was one of the most important publishers of children’s books in late nineteenth-century France, whose publications were distinguished by their handsome gold-stamped cloth bindings and excellent illustrations.

You can see covers Meaulle (fr.wiki) did for Le Petit Journal here.

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Manuel Nunez Art

Manuel Nunez paints to express his faith. His paintings are presented in a style rich in symbolism. Manuel portrays the dichotomies of life. “What interests me,” says Nunez, “is the ongoing struggle between good and evil, purity and decadence.” His unique tributes to struggles of the human spirit establish Nunez as the definitive master of spiritual imagery. “My images are of strong women: beautiful, but not exploited, sensual and virtuous, wrestling with the underlying conflict over what life is versus what it should be.”
With 23-karat gold leaf, Manuel reaches new levels of drama and unparalleled richness. Gold plays an important symbolic role, as well. “My use of gold,” he explains, “is a symbol for the dichotomies of life, because gold can simultaneously represent things good and evil.” While gold can symbolize decadence or indulgence, Manuel uses gold to represent God’s righteous purity, as in Russian icon art.

In all his paintings, the gold halos represent God’s presence. “The gold bars that border many of my paintings symbolize the boundaries of the one true path to righteousness. But while I believe that there is only the one path, it is full of life in abundance. Likewise, the thin gold lines that rise upward through the image represent the negative forces that interfere with our receiving messages from heaven, like television static. Ultimately, however, the lines still lead upward to heaven, purifying us and bringing us closer to God.”

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Storium is a new kind of online game where you and your friends tell any story you can imagine, together.

Storium is a web-based online game that you play with friends. It works by turning writing into a multiplayer game. With just your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can choose from a library of imaginary worlds to play in, or build your own. You create your story’s characters and decide what happens to them. You can tell any kind of story with Storium. The only limit is your imagination.

Storium uses familiar game concepts inspired by card games, role-playing games, video games, and more. In each Storium game, one player is the narrator, and everyone else takes on the role of a character in the story. The narrator creates dramatic challenges for the other players to overcome. In doing so, they move the story forward in a new direction. Everyone gets their turn at telling the story.

“Story and Game had a baby, and it’s Storium. This is vital stuff, equal parts revolutionary and fundamental — giving the old ways of storytelling a major digital upgrade.”— Chuck Wendig, novelist and screenwriter

The above three-minute video gives you a glimpse of their current beta playtest

(I’m always down with interactive fiction! This looks like a cool new way to RP and share stories. They have a Kickstarter here! And cool authors taking part in some of the world building.)


Shakespeare - Comedy of a midsummer night’s dream

Shakespeare - Comedy of a midsummer night’s dream


Donna Tartt se lleva el Premio Pulitzer de novela con "El jilguero"

Hace ya más de 20 años que Tartt irrumpió en el mundo literario de una forma espectacular de la mano de su novela “El secreto”  que recibió el aplauso y las grandes criticas de casi todo aquel que lo leía pero que vió como su estrellato se apagaba con el lanzamiento de su siguiente novela “Un juego de niños”, de la cual se esperaba mucho más después de su debut literario de gran altura.

Esta obra con la que se ha llevado el Premio Pulitzer es tan sólo su tercera novela y es que todos los amantes de la literatura de esta estadounidense han tenido que esperar nada más y nada menos que 10 años para poder volver a leer una historia contada por su pluma.

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